Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS)

What is electronic prescribing?

EPS is the future of prescribing…today!

It is a service by which we as a practice can send your prescription to your nominated Pharmacy of choice – so you dont have to come to the practice to collect it!

Some of you may have already subscribed, and nominated Pharmacy – this could have been last week, or a few years ago!

This may not have been as apparent previously as you have always collected your prescription in person here at the surgery

We would not have assigned one for you – it is not a function possible on the system for us to do so.

We cannot recommend any one particular pharmacy to you, as this is your choice as an individual
No problem! If you don’t want to use one, just tell us and we can take the option off your record.

If you feel that you have been nominated by a pharmacy without your knowledge or permission, you can call the NHS England complaints line on 0300 3112233, or email on [email protected]; should you require, the British sign Language Service (BSL) associated with this is www.interpretnow.co.uk